Saturday, 24 August 2013

24 hours of happiness

This morning I'm reflecting on what made me smile over the last twenty four hours. Sometimes I need to remember to stop and think about the 'glitterings' in life that make me happy. I bounce off people that are positive and this has a knock on effect of my bubbliness :) The more I think positively the more I see the greatness in everything around me and even on days where it may seem hard to smile the things in life that don't cost money mean the most to me.

First up working backwards is the series Heroes . Oh my word. My favourite ever show! I love the profound statements that Suresh states in the voice overs about life as it gets you thinking in detail about what your purpose in life is.  I watched this show when it first aired and I was hooked from episode 1. I have just started watching it again from the beginning !

The beach :) Recently I have moved from England to Scotland and ten minutes away from us is a beach . Not only do I love walking along the front but our puppy Alfie has magically started to enjoy walking for enjoyment. He's 14 weeks old and is growing in confidence by making lots of new doggy friends. We saw a chihuahua puppy one day this week and she was miniature! Alfie loved this fact as he trembled last week when he saw a 'big' dog ! His little tail started wagging.

Conversations with my other half make me realise how completely selfless he is. Although I knew this without talking . I see it in actions.

My Persians. I love how they want cuddles and are happy just to be sat near where I am. My little fluffy heartbeats. Last night they made me smile by running in and out of the room like they were chasing an invisible fly!

Speaking to my family on the phone brings a guaranteed smile on my face.

My new baby cousin coming home from hospital with her Aunty (one of my favourite people) made me smile lots.

My brother passing his GCSE'S and me thinking of what little pressies I could get him to say we're proud of him.

My friend Jenny texting me on the way back from her holiday to say she loved my blog whilst she
was still in the airport .That was so lovely and brought a smile to my face :)

Buying cards for people's Birthday and to say thankyou and well done made me smile yesterday as I was thinking about the people I would be sending them to.

I love how the fish in my BiOrb come to the surface when they see me in the morning as they know they will be fed. They certainly don't have a 5 second memory .

And I'm thinking about putting these happy thoughts into a jar I have . Then at certain times of the year or when I might be feeling a little sad I could just pull out a little happy thought and remember
the smiles. I thought about giving these as gifts too for Christmas as my gorgeous jars were inexpensive from B&M . They have a heart on them and pink lid :) will show picture on next post :)

Have a happy day!