Thursday, 29 August 2013

Ahoy there Models Own!

My collection of Models Own Nail polishes :)

As you can see I love Models Own nail polishes and seem to be drawn to the sparkly glitter variety. I bought a lot of these from the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham as the deals they had were absolutely amazing!
I bought the full Winter Wonderland collection off their website because as soon as I saw them advertised I just had to have them. They reminded me of the fairy-tale bubble that I live in so these were a must-have!
I am a fan of their facebook page also and at certain times when they reach so many fans they release a code which has 50% off and therefore as you can see I took full advantage!

If I had to choose just ONE! (Oh the difficulty!) it would have to be Indian Ocean from the Beetlejuice collection Models Own Nails .

Now as I have just got the link above I have visited the website and fallen in love with Splash collection !!!! Oh I need them in my life! ....... and then right next to them is the Iced Neon box set !! Think these definitely need to be on my Christmas wishlist. Father Christmas I have been reallllllllyyyyyy good all year and even ate all my broccoli up yesterday! Oh and please could I have the scented ones too!!

What's your favourite shade from the collection?

Ahoy there me hearties! Full nail polish collection.