Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Witty shower power!

Oh Anatomicals how I love you!

I've known about this brand for a long time and have always admired and stifled giggles at their imagination, wittiness and humour.

'You need a bloomin shower! Your nose smells rose body cleanser' £2.99

The packaging is bright and cheerful and to me would catch my eye whilst sitting on a shelf. In fact I'm sure it would try and jump off at you if it could! I love the colours used and the font is large and clear. It's a decent size and for the price I think it's extremely good value.
All of the products in the range have the same wit and it makes a refreshing change to see this level of humour with the marketing. The thoughts of the smoothie company 'Innocent ' springs to mind as they too make their products fun and have you seen the offices where they work! Amazing!

So, onto the product. It has a thin to medium consistency , clear and gel like. It smooths the skin in an instant and smells of a bouquet of roses. I would definitely repurchase this again but probably as a gift for someone who loves florals. I prefer fruitiness!

I definitely need to check out the other products in the range too as they would brighten even the dullest of Monday mornings!

Anatomicals Check out their highly imaginative website and although you can't actually buy from the website which is a shame they do list online stockists such as ASOS to buy from!