Monday, 26 August 2013

How to look the best at everything .

A flawless complexion kit by Benefit encompasses an excellent design yet again filled with compact goodies.
 I was so excited to receive this as a present . I absolutely love the design, the compactness, the brand and the quality. I received the medium shade box. It's also available in light and deep varieties.
I love how it features these products dedicated to making a flawless complexion as that's what I need especially when you want to look your best when you're going out.

This retails on the Benefit website for £25.50

The kit contains;
The pore fessional 7.5ml- A pro balm to minimise the appearance of pores. This feels like silk on the skin and does a great job of minimising pores before you add your foundation and concealer.

Hello flawless oxygen wow brightening makeup 7ml in the shade Honey.  I'm saving this for a night out as I don't usually wear foundation.

Boi-ing concealer- this has an excellent reputation. In this set you get shades 02 and 03 which are a perfect shading for me, I used to have the darker one and it really did not match my skin tone well at all.

"I'm cute as a bunny" A custom powder cover up .

Another highly recommended product !