Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tag- I heart Spring!

Hi everyone,

I follow Jennie's blog over at Sailboat and saw the Spring tag. After reading hers, I decided to complete it myself so here goes;

1. Favourite Spring nail polish?

I chose these two from Primark for my favourite Spring nails. Both are a bargain at only £1 each and both are my favourite colours. The false nails are great for a polished-to-go look and I love the colour of the nail polish. Both are not long-lasting but I tend to change my nails regularly. 

2. What is your must have lip colour for this Spring?
I love pink lips, well the colour pink full stop and think this is a perfect for a pop of colour at Spring. You can get so many different shades of it and finishes too.

3. Show your favourite Spring dress(es)

I've chosen two of my favourite Spring dresses here because I adore dresses and both of these offer different things. The one on the left is from Primark and I love the colourful florals. It has an elasticated middle and is quite a small fit. The one on the right is from River Island and I love the pastels as these are perfect for Spring too. It's chiffony material and floats and I love the added corsage detail too.

4. What is your favourite flower?
My favourite flower is definitely the Bird Of Paradise as they are tropically gorgeous. I used to love Tulips too but when you buy a bunch they just flop over too easily in the vase.

5. What is your favourite Spring scarf or accessory?

This would be my hot pink over the shoulder, neon pink bag, with metal chain strap. I love bright items and this is large enough to carry necessities in. I got this from Bank off my mum for my Birthday.

6. Which Spring trends are you most excited for this year? (Make-up, fashion or both.)

I love pastels in all shades so will choose this for clothing with winged liner and a hot pop of colour on my lips.

7. Favourite Spring candle?

I don't have many candles at all so If I was to choose any scent I would choose coconut as it reminds me of holidays. I would love the Bath and Body work ones or the Yankee candles.

8. Favourite perfume or body spray this Spring?

Juicy Couture would be my favourite as I love the scent and the bottle. I like quite a few scents including the Chocomania from the Body Shop, Nicki Minaj and DKNY Be Delicious.

9. What is Spring like where you live?

It is really warm one minute, with the sun shining and I wear dresses and then the next day it's raining and freezing! Good job I've got a range of clothing.

10. What is your favourite thing about Spring?

I love the bright colours and the longer, brighter days. I love the new flowers blooming and Easter time.

11. Are you a Spring cleaner?

I tend to have a clear out at different times of the year and recent clean out are because I moved house three times. This always calls for a great clear out.

12. Any plans for a Spring holiday?

I wish! I don't have any holidays planned at the moment because I have another house move in the Summer time and this should be the last move!

Love Laura xoxo

Thanks to Jennie for the tag :)