Friday, 4 April 2014

My Top Hair Accessories for Spring

Happy Friday everyone!

I just can't resist a hairband whether it be sparkly, pastel or flowery I need them for my hair. I have a collection of them now and put them on a bookcase shelf so I can clearly see them all. If I can't see items then I tend to forget about them, plus they look pretty on show.

I've organised my hair accessories into sections as well.  These being metal bands, small floral halos, material bands and highly adorned ones.

Floral crowns remind me of festival and summertime and I actually don't own a full floral one. That's next on my wish list.
There's usually three ways that I wear them which are just straight onto the top of my hair, clip my front section up or wear my hair up in messy bun then place the band.

So these are my top picks for Spring. I've chosen one from each category that I own so that I can show you how I wear them too.

I adore Mermaids and this was custom made for me by InkiePocious.

So with the material ones I just pop straight onto the top of my hair and adjust. It looks neater if you have poker straight hair but with me not having styled it at all this is my hair naturally. I think it adds to a boho vibe with it not being entirely neat.

I love iridescent crystals so much and this particular one is brand new from Primark for £3 which is an absolute bargain. I love forehead bands and found that with dying my hair really dark it stands out more than it did on my blonde hair.

I love this cute little bunny eared bobble and I bought them off Ebay in a pack of two. The other one is a cream polka dot coloured one. They're quite small so I think I'll be on the look out for larger ones next. I wear my hair up in a messy bun like this quite often and it's really easy to do. It does make my hair really knotty though after I've taken it out.

I love this side InkiePocious Mermaid band. She is so talented and custom made this for me along with another one. Her shop is on Facebook and you can also find her on Instagram too. I love all of the design pieces and the pearls, glitter and crystals.

I love little cat ear hairbands and with this look I simply pulled up the front section of my hair.

This last one is a side floral crown and is from Next. I love the hot pink colour and the way that it instantly update your hair do.

Love Laura xoxo

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