Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mini haul including Primark for Spring.

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a fab weekend. We all got two of the Mother's day meals from M&S and it was delicious. I absolutely love their food. We got the turkey and honey glazed gammon with vegetables, parsnips and roast potatoes. The desserts we chose were the Sicilian lemon cheesecake and the sticky toffee pudding. Desserts are my favourite.
Last night we finished the Once Upon A Time season 2 and it's so good! A recommended watch if you've not seen it already. I love anything to do with Fairytales so this was right up my street.
I've missed writing on my blog (even though it's only been Friday since I last wrote.) Sometimes I think too much and wondered where it was going but the best advice is to just go with the flow like I have always done. Maybe I should plan my posts? For me it just comes naturally. I wake up and think "Oh yes I'll blog about that today." For me, for now, this is the best way. I also realised that I hadn't posted on Instagram for five days too, so now I've added more photos there too. Instagram and blogging make me happy so maybe unconsciously I just needed a refreshing break.

So onto the haul :) I have collected these items up from the past few week and popped them altogether. Most of the are from Primark, some are from my best friend and the bag is from River Island.
Let's take a look at what I have got.

First up is this neon orange satchel from River Island. It looks much brighter than the photograph. I love neons and this will be perfect for summer time. It was in the sale for £10 and my mum bought it me as a gift.

Inside is pretty spacious to say it's a cute sized satchel. It has the zip compartment to keep items safe and the two spaces that you can see here.

I love statement necklaces as they make an outfit much prettier. I love all of the coloured gems and bright or pastel colours. This was a gift from my best friend for my Birthday so I'm not sure where it's from. I love the corally pinky colour of this.

Two more pairs of sandals from Primark. The ones on the left are a lovely nude colour and will go with so many outfits. They were only £4. The daisy flower ones on the right were new out and they are so pretty. I think these were either £6 or £8. I now have more sandals than I do actual shoes!

The heart diamante charms are cute and I have this style from last year too in a few different colours.

This top was £6 from Primark and I love the cupcake design on it. I'm drawn to sweet candy clothing like moth to a flame!

Another Barbie top to add to my growing collection! There weren't may of these left so I got an oversized one. I think it was £6. I adore Barbie and Ken. I would buy Sindy if they brought out her items instead.

These floral pink polka flannels are only £1.50 for two and they have matching towels too. I love the design.

Accessories make me happy. The Barbie socks were £2.50 per pair. I love the collection of socks that they have brought out. I bought the doughnut ones back in January. I found though that when you put them on the design stretches too much! I adore hair bandos and this rainbow crystal one is beautiful. The set of three bracelets were an absolute bargain for £2 as they are gorgeous. The mint nail polish is a gorgeous colour and I will test it out to see the formula and lasting power. What a great price though. I also love Minnie Mouse so this Lip Smacker was irresistible.

These three are all from Primark too and the little owl is a mirror.

I found these in Poundland on Saturday and needed to get them again. I used to have these years ago and I've just tasted one and didn't like it at first until it changed colour and tatse! They had the Nerds too.

How gorgeous is this plastic folder from Paperchase that the bestie bought me and popped my Birthday pressies inside? I love the colourful design and the unicorn and fairies.

Pretty W7 nail beads, a unicorn mirror, crochet hearts, set of three infinity rings and a Paris bracelet. She also bought me a diamante Barbie phone case which I've forgotten to photograph.

These are the crochet hearts that she has been learning to do.

I love these origami butterflies and the heart that she made me :)

Love Laura xoxo

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