Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh Spa treatments

Hi everyone,

I absolutely love the tranquil feeling of spas and a few weeks ago me and my fiance went to the Missoni Spa in Edinburgh for treatments. I've been to a spa quite a few times but I've not had any treatments before so this was my first time at experiencing the pure tranquil bliss.

On arrival the entrance and reception area is truly stunning. This is the most artistically beautiful hotel I have ever been to. The receptionist Katie was exceptionally friendly and escorted us into the lift and right to the spa reception.

I had booked in to have a Winter warmer special which included a facial, full body treatment and  a short shoulder and back massage. I then topped it up to have a pedicure using OPI polishes and a minicure too. I opted for sparkly gold as the colour was beautiful and would go with many different outfits.

My treatments were carried out by the spa manager Victoria and she was uber professional, personable and extremely talented. When booking over the phone too she made the time slots fit perfectly and with ease. Luxurious Aromatherapy Associates oils were used and I was pampered like a princess for around two hours. I came out feeling relaxed, revitalised and refreshed. I would highly recommend the Missoni spa to live the life of luxury and to feel special.

I'd usually wear something more casual to the spa but afterwards we had afternoon tea so I wanted to look nice and presentable!

Music was playing and it was so peaceful and relaxing. This is the waiting area that you relax in before you have your treatments. I read all of the magazines that were available, snacked on the fruit and drank a still water. It's quite a compact spa with just the treatment rooms and relaxation area.

On this wooden dresser, which was the focal point of the room, were healthy snacks and drinks that you could help yourself to.

I loved how they have the selection of fruit and nuts.

This is the little changing areas which has lockers inside. I love the floral dressing gowns hanging up but when I wore one it was way too short on me so I wore one of the huge ones which were hung inside lockers along with a pair of complimentary slippers each.

My gold glitter OPI mani which was painted to perfection and lasted a few days. I got matching on my toes too and it lasted for a few weeks.

Love Laura xoxo

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