Friday, 25 April 2014

My Current Hair Products

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've got fun things planned for the weekend.

This week I have watched Season 1 of Derek which is brilliant, funny and sad all at the same time. I also finished watching American Horror Story season 1 and Season 2 Asylum is so hard to watch but addictive at the same time.

Today I'm showing you what products I currently use on my hair. My hair was dyed from a very light blonde to a dark reddy brown on Christmas Eve and I really felt more of a shine to it. I recently needed about an inch taking off the length too as it had got so dry. My top tip for split ends is to have them chopped off. Serums can help to seal them temporarily but in the long run they need to be cut.

So these are all of the products that I use at the moment. The only one that I have forgotten to photograph is the Aussie leave in colour conditioner. 
The flower on the left is my Tangle Teezer and I use this in the shower whilst my conditioner is on my hair. It's really effective at taking all knots out of my hair without hurting at all.
My Tangle Cherub is perfect for when my hair is dry and I want to wear my hair up. It smoothes and glides through my hair really easily and I absolutely love the design of it.

The shampoo that I am using at the moment is the little bottle of Kerasilk that you can see here. It makes my hair really smooth and less dry.
I change between using the Kerasilk daily mask with the Charles Worthington strength and repair mask.
The Tommyguns conditioner smells absolutely gorgeous but sadly for me it just doesn't make my hair feel soft. If I just use this and then let my hair dry naturally, mt hair feels really dry.

I recently used John Frieda hair dye mousse and the conditioner that comes with it makes my hair ultra soft. I love it! They give you a couple more uses after you have dyed your hair so I'm glad there's some left.

The YOLO by Anovia is a deliciously scented bubblegum. It's a hair and body wash which I use as a shower gel. It reminds me of the ice cartons that I used to buy from the ice-cream van which were bubble gum flavoured!

I always use Argan oil/ berber oil towards the ends of my hair and let it dry naturally. I pour a generous few drops onto my fingers and then scrunch into the ends of my hair. The other products that I use to hold my waves a little is the Paul Mitchell Hydrocream whip which is like a non-stick mousse. This is really effective on my hair.

Between washes I always make sure that I use one of these products from the *Batiste range which I have previously reviewed here. They have such a wide range and they work wonders to refresh hair.

Have a fab weekend,

Love Laura xoxo