Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What I bought from the Models Own Sale- Mini Haul

Hi everyone,

Today is my Birthday and I feel special :) We're going out for Tapas soon which I've been to the place once before and it's the best food I have ever eaten. I'll have to blog about it and take photos. 

Models Own had a half price sale and so I bought myself these polishes for my Birthday. There are so many colours to choose from and although I already own tonnes, I just had to try out some more.

Here are the polishes I chose. From left to right they are;

Colour Chrome Gold  This is from the new collection and they all looked gorgeous. I decided to choose this gold colour as it was different from anything that I owned. The brush strokes do show up but with a second application it was much smoother.

Hyper Gel Lilac Sheen I've never tried a gel before and I loved the look of this lilac shade. It's super shiny and a gorgeous pastel shade.

Bubblegum Ice Neon I had a Bubblegum shade from Models Own before but the formula of it was very flaky. I decided to give this Ice Neon one a chance as I adore the neon colour.

Polish For Tans Sunhat I loved the idea of this collection enhancing a tan and I love all of the colours but whittled it down to my favourite colour pink in the end.

Diamond Luxe Radiant Pink I love this shade of pink and how it has the diamond dust inside it too. The colour is very vibrant and looked much more polished with two coats.

Blueberry Muffin Fruit Pastel  I love pastel colours so much and it was hard to resist all of this collection. I chose three in the end as the others were sold out at the time.. I love the shade and shine and the fact that they are scented once dried. I really wanted the coconut cream and Grape Juice and now looking again, I love the look of Apple Pie.

Peach Melba Fruit Pastel  I love peachy colours and the fact that this is also scented is a winner.

Strawberry Tart Fruit Pastel Another pink shade to add to my collection but this time a scented pastel one. It's more of a corally pink shade.

Time to get ready for my Birthday meal now.

Love Laura xoxo

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