Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Kawaii Box Review and Unboxing - February 2015

 My favourite subscription box ever, the Kawaii Box arrived the other day and I couldn't wait to open it. The box seems to be sturdier this month and that's the first detail that I noticed (that and the printed logo too.) 
I'm currrently listening to The Veronicas- You Ruin Me whilst writing this and it's fantastic yet so sad at the same time. It's one of those songs that hits your heart.

Kawaii Box costs $18.90 per month with free shipping and comes all the way from Japan. I just love all the pieces in these boxes as they have been very well curated. They are full of girly, kawaii stationery, snacks, beauty items, keyrings and little teddies usually.

So let's see what what I received this month.

 Again it arrived with a cute card with a handwritten note 'Keep cozy & stay kawaii!' and the girly pink tissue paper.

The first item I noticed were the amazing socks and the Pocky panda yum.

First up are the fashion accessories. I absolutely adore these pink and yellow bow polka socks aren't they the cutest? I also received this ice cream ribbon which I will use to tie a bow into my hair. I love ice cream prints and this is just so me.

Next I have popped all of the stationery items together. I received a pencil case with three pencils, sharpener, ruler and eraser inside in blue which is sweet. I love the crown pen as it looks fit for a princess. The little book with the bow on has lots of coloured paper inside to write notes on and I received the cat post it notes too which will be handy for saving pages in recipe books.

                               Pocky Panda. One word. Delicious!

Oh my gosh Alpacasso I love you! I would have a room full of these little animals if I could as they are my favourite. I think they may be on a par with my love for unicorns and that's saying something. I then received this panda charm too which is cute but I don't get crazy really over pandas and I have something similar to this too.

Finally I received these decorative paper pieces to be used for decorating photos, scrapbooks or albums. You get quite a lot of pieces in the one little box.

My favourite items this month are the Alpacasso, socks, bow note book and the Pocky.
What a great box again this month.

Love Laura xoxo

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