Saturday, 7 February 2015

My New Blogging Planner

Happy Saturday everyone.

Before Christmas I popped into Home Bargains and spotted this organiser for 99p and I thought it would be great to use for my blog ideas. They had two different designs and I loved this cute one straight away. I bought the other one too which was vintage style with a cat on it and I gifted that for Christmas. I thought it was a great price for a little organiser as I love bargains and I have so many different items to buy that I can't really justify a large amount of money to spend on one.

 In the past I have typed quick notes into my phone, written in a notebook or simply stored them in my head. I have so many ideas and a full drawer of products to write up but clearly the methods I've been using have not been very effective lately as I'd like to blog more regularly. Organisation is definitely not my forte. Sometimes I get things done all at once and other times I don't do much at all. I'm really inconsistent so anything that helps me become more efficient at tasks is welcome. I love seeing inspirational Pinterest photos or Youtube videos on organisation as these make me want to follow suit and have everything tidy and with its own place. I actually have to be super organised at work as for more than half of my time I make sure that everything is perfectly positioned and looking its best in a home department.

The organiser was wrapped in plastic so it wasn't until I got home and unwrapped it that I found out what it was like inside. I have to say that I'm really impressed.

The organiser is divided up into sections that can be flipped to easily with the use of the plastic, coloured dividers. These make each part easy to find and are well organised.

The first section has sheets with an overview of a full week which is really handy as you can see what is happening at a glance. For this part I will use to write my blog post titles so I can see what I need to publish on particular days.

Next is a section for notes which has lined paper. Here I have written all the ideas from my head that I've thought of or from products that I already have which are waiting to be tried out and then written up.

I like this section as it's really satisfying to tick items off and see how much you've accomplished. I started writing this and thought that it was going to demotivate me as I have a huge list so I got cracking on this blog post instead. 

The last section is for addresses. I thought this would be useful to write down particular blogs that I love and for writing down the e-mail addresses of PA's that I collaborate with. 

There's also two plastic wallets at the front and back of the organiser to store items inside. I thought about storing some kawaii stickers in there so that I can decorate or use on each time that I complete an item off my to-do list.

How do you plan?

Love Laura xoxo

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