Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Essence Bakery Selection Candles- Review

I've never really owned many candles but I'm getting more into them the older I get. I love the thought of a flickering candle light whilst relaxing at night and a sweet scented house. I chose these Essence Bakery Selection candles for my stocking that I received for Christmas and as soon as I saw the packaging and the names of the scents, I immediately wanted them. I'm a sucker for desserts and anything pink. These were £2.99 from B&M stores but unfortunately I cant find them on their site but I did find some for a pricier £9.99 on Amazon that I've linked to. There's also a set on Ebay too.

The design of the box is open at the top so that you can smell them before you buy. The scents weren't overly strong but they did resemble the dessert and so into the basket they went. I  love the whole novel idea of dessert scented candles.

What I look for in a candle:

A bargain price. If a candle is too expensive, I wouldn't want to burn it for fear of it running out.
A really strong scent which is enough to fill a whole room.
Long-lasting as I don't want it to burn for an hour and that's it.
I love a range of scents but most of them would either be fruity or sweet scents. 
Cute packaging so that they look good on display.

Out of the box the candles are contained in glass jars, which are sweet yet plain. There are no labels on the jars so you get to see the whole glow of the candle. The glass feels quite cheap too.

From left to right there is; Gingerbread man, Apple & Toffee Pie, Cookies & Cream and finally Cranberry Cupcake.

I lit all four of these at once for around an hour and  a half. The room was scented with the mixture of scents and whilst it was pleasant and sweet it wasn't overly strong which I was hoping for.
Gingerbread man has an authentic scent to it which smells good enough to eat. The Apple & Toffee Pie was the disappointment for me as it emitted a really cheap plasticy candle smell. The Cookies & Cream was yummy whilst the Cranberry Cupcake was too sweet.

When burning these candles the whole lot turns to liquid when hot and then solidifies again when blown out and cooled down.

Would I buy them again?

I love the novelty of the baking goods and would definitely buy them if I could get hold of them for the bargain price of £2.99 again but definitely not for £9.99 as I would prefer to spend that amount on a range of strong scented wax tart melts instead.

Love Laura xoxo

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