Saturday, 13 December 2014

My W7 Make Up Advent Calendar - Days 1-12

Happy Saturday everyone.

I am so productive today already. I have completed a lot of to-do things before I have work later on and then a Christmas party to go to straight after!

I was over the moon to have won this W7 advent makeup calendar from W7 themselves. I have witnessed the explosion of the variety of advents that are now available and think that they are a super exciting and brilliant idea. I still have a Milky Bar chocolate one though as you can't beat the original chocolatey ones. Yum!

I really loved the look of the Benefit one ( My favourite make up brand) The Body Shop one and the Yankee Candle one too but I spent my money on Christmas presents for other people instead and couldn't really afford an expensive calendar. So you can imagine I was so excited to have won one of these calendars filled with a different make up treat for each of the 24 days of Christmas.

I've not owned any W7 make up before so what a brilliant way of being introduced to a range of their products all at once.

On the reverse of the Advent calendar it has a spoiler of all of the different treats that you're going to find inside so don't peep if you want it to be a surprise! I'm naughty as I just can't resist. Although having said that I haven't opened the calendar doors unless it's for that specific day.

The calendar opens up like a book and behind each one of the easy to open doors, you find your treat. The numbered days are all in order so they are easy to find.

Here are days 1 and 2.

On the 1st December I opened the door to reveal this gorgeous shade of eyeshadow. I've started to wear more of these bronzey colours as I've got older as they make blue eyes stand out. 
On the 2nd day I received this gold glitter polish which is super Christmassy. I needed two coats of this and was pleased that it lasted a few days.
On the 3rd I received a mini lipstick which applies smoothly and I love the pink shade. I will wear this to work to get my use out of it.
On the 4th day, I received the silver glitter polish which I was pleased with again as it's perfect for this time of year.

The container is quite cheap on this and the lid popped out and fell on the floor. When swatching, the powder feels velvety and required a few swipes to build up the colour.  I will apply this with a quality eyeshadow brush to see if it makes a difference.

I love the shade of this pink lipstick as it's like a Barbie pink candy colour. It applied smoothly and evenly which is great. I'm not keen on the lipstick tube but I suppose it fits into the calendar being a mini.

On the 5th day of Christmas I received this deep pink sparkly glitter polish which is more me. I love glitter polishes as when they start to chip you can just apply more to make it last longer as it just blends in.

On the 6th day, I received this little tube of foundation. After swatching I found that it has a pink undertone and is too dark and bronzey for my skintone. It did however blend really well.

On the 7th day I received this neon pink polish which I love. The colour is so me and what I would buy if I saw it in a shop.

On the 8th day I received this stunning iridescent glitter pot which reminds me of mermaids and I want to bathe in it! I absolutely love this so much.

On the 9th day Of Christmas W7 gave to me this gorgeous pink holographic glitter pot which is just beautiful and uber mermaidy again.

On the 10th day was another hot pink polish which is similar to day 7 but this one is even more neon.

On the 11th day I received this coral lipstick, which again, I love and can't wait to wear.

On the 12th day of Christmas I received a clear lip gloss which I don't really wear but I may add it to a matte lipstick to make it more smooth when applying.

So that's my 12 days of Advent treats with 12 days to go :)

Do you have an Advent calendar this year?

Love Laura xoxo

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