Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Degustabox Review and Unboxing- November's Winter Box

I was so excited to receive this Degustabox. I had so many beauty boxes in the past with similar products in and I needed a change. I absolutely love food so the fact that this box arrives every month with between 9 and 14 different items to try out, I was sold. The subscription costs £12.99 per month with VAT and postage included which is the same price as one of my beauty boxes. I've noticed that rather than stashing beauty items away, I actually ate and drank most of these items very quickly as I was excited to try them.

So onto my review:-

The items arrived well packaged in a cardboard box and had a layer of bubble wrap and brown paper with a stickered logo for presentation. As I looked and lifted each item I was pleasantly surprised by it all and ooooh and aaahhhhd! There's not one item in here that I thought that I wouldn't try.

First up are the drinks. Here we have;

Montano which is, "an elegantly crafted Italian cider made from the apples grown in the foothills of the Trentino region of Northern Italy."

I was really pleased to find alcohol in the box and I love fruity cider. This actually tasted so strong though. It was so strong that it tasted like beer and was hard for me to drink. I gave it a good go though ha ha! I would prefer it if they had a berry or a strawberry variety of this as I'm not too keen on apple cider. It reminds me of being a teenager (ahem!)

Price:- £2.79 

Would I buy it again? No it's too strong!

Pip  Organic Cloudy Apple "is a family run, London based business that produces an award winning range of pure organic juices and smoothies available in a range of take home, grab & go and children's formats. Following environmentally sustainable principles and made from 100% organic fruit, all of our drinks are not from concentrate and contain NO added sugars, water, preservatives or additives. Pip, Pip Hooray!"

This cloudy apple juice is absolutely scrumptious. It's deliciously real and I drank it when it was freezing cold. The bottles are small and I could have done with a larger bottle as they're that delicious. One 200ml bottle contains three organic apples and some added vitamin C and that's it!

Price:- £1.50 per bottle and I received two.

Would I buy it again? Yes if I was out and about and was picking some lunch up for on the go.

Cool Dawn Recovery drink "is a herbal detox drink that helps to prevent and cure hangovers. It presents a complex and unique combination of citrus and liquorice flavour. Contains no stimulant ingredients and is not carbonated. We recommend to have one full cold and shaken can towards the end of the night and another one in the morning if still needed."

I took one of these to work for my break as I thought they meant that they would revive you and give you more energy. I shook the can well and previously kept it refrigerated. I took a mouthful and really did not like the taste of the mixture. I love liquorice and I love citrus but it reminded me of medicine unfortunately. I tried again with another sip but down the plughole it went!

Price:- £1.49 each and I received two cans. One is still in the fridge. My other half can drink it!

Would I purchase again? No I would not. I can't drink things that I don't like the taste of no matter how intriguing they sound.

Sample present- Drink Me Chai's "award winning Spiced Chai is the original flavour that was inspired by Amanda Hamilton's travels to India. A blend of exotic spices, milk and sweetened tea the product is a just add water or milk for that taste of India in an instant."

I haven't actually tried this yet. I received two of these previously already in another box but even though I love coffee lattes, I'm not really a tea lover unless it's a regular breakfast tea with plenty of milk. I'm not too sure of the spices but I will try it out.

Price:- 33p approx.

Would I buy again? Only if I love it. They do a chocolate, vanilla or a mango option too which I am more inclined to try out.

Branston Caramelised Onion Chutney " Create the perfect dining experience with new Branston chutney! Caramelised Onion works perfectly with any after dinner cheese and bread, and the distinctive taste of Mediterranean tomato goes well with smoky meats, cheddar and biscuits. Available in-store now, the delicious, versatile range is set to become an everyday staple."

I've not tried this out yet but it will be perfect for Christmas to have with a selection of cheese and crackers. It sounds delicious and is sure to add flavour. There's also a recipe card included in the box to make a cheese, spinach and caramelised onion quiche which sounds delicious.

Price:- £1.50

Would I buy it again? This jar will probably last a long time so maybe I will buy another one in six months time or for the following Christmas.

Now onto the yummies! 

Lindt- Lindor My Melting Moment " Lovingly crafted by the Lindt master chocolatiers. Lindor My Melting Moment allows you to melt away in a moment of pure bliss. Elegantly wrapped the snowflake shape is filled with irresistibly smooth melting Lindor milk chocolate."

I received five of these and they were shared in the same night that the box arrived. Lindt create absolutely delicious chocolate and these were a decent size too for a treat. The chocolate was smooth and moreish.

Price:- These retail at 65p each and I received five of them.

Would I buy them again? Yes as a present for others.

Kettle Chips- Stilton & Port " Back by popular demand, Kettle Chips is reintroducing two of its most loved seasonings as limited editions for Christmas. Salsa and Mesquite was one of the original seasonings when the brand first launched in 1988; it combines tomatoes, chillies, peppers and the aroma of barbecues. Stilton & Port is a rich and distinctive flavour which brings together the creamy notes of Stilton cheese with the sweetness of port wine."

I received the Pork & Stilton flavour in my box and I was really pleased with these. I love Kettle Chips but have never tried either of these two flavours before. The crisps are very moreish and creamy tasting. They are excpetional quality.

Price:- £2.19

Would I buy them again? Yes but probably in one of their other flavours. I'd maybe buy this especially for Christmas which is what their intention is.

Finally I received some cooking ingredients to use when making meals.

Kent's Kitchen- Stir in Flavour Shots- Fajita " These flavour shots are a brilliantly quick and easy way to jazz up diced meat or prawns. These clever gel shots coat the meat or prawns whist cooking and add a delicious taste to enhance meals. Perfect for wraps, with rice or jacket potatoes, on a salad or even to coat pasta."

I love fajitas so I'm rally pleased that I received these flavour shots. I've not got round to making them just yet but I bet they are delicious!

Price:- £1.85

Would I purchase them again? Maybe I will if they taste delicious.

Holy Cow Curry Sauces- " Authentic Indian curries are made from all natural ingredients, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. We are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs."

The two sauces I received are the Korma and the Madras which are perfect for me and my fiance. I've bought the rest of the ingredients for the curries and I am going to make them one night this week.

Price:- £1.69 each and I received two.

Would I purchase again? Yes if they are delicious. I love how they are made with all natural ingredients.

Overall:- I really enjoyed my first Degustabox and will continue to subscribe. I liked lots of the different products inside of the box and I was very impressed that the total amount of the contents added up to £20.94 (or £21.27 if you add the bonus Chai sachet too.)

What I think could have been made better:- As it was a December box I would have like to have seen more festive products inside the box such as mini mulled wines, mince pies, yule logs etc however I understand that there are all different people to cater for too.

Also the grammar needs to be edited in the product description handout as there are commas and full stops misused or omitted at times.

Have you bought Degustabox before? What do you think of the products I received?

Love Laura xoxo