Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Kawaii Wonderland December Lucky Bag Unboxing and Review

Lucky bags, Christmas and Kawaii make me happy and as soon as Shell's Lucky bags from Kawaii Wonderland became available, I snapped one up.
Look at how beautiful the gifts have been wrapped . I love the white polka holographic paper and the additions of the adorable unicorn sticker, tinsel and Christmas card. I thought about keeping it for Christmas day and then the thought left my mind and I opened it up ha ha!


Inside the Christmas card is the most adorable and miniature gingerbread man I have ever seen in my life. Definitely keeping this little fella! What a lovely touch to write a Christmas card too.

So inside of the wrapping paper I found all of these goodies. Some had been wrapped up further to add more suspense. Already the amount of cuteness had me squealing with glee.

 After further unwrapping the gifts, this is what I found. All of these fabulous Kawaii goodies crammed into the parcel.

First up are the 'other' items. I absolutely adore this ice cream face cloth. I mean look at the packaging. I don't even want to unroll it and use it, it's that sweet!
Look at the toothpaste squeezer. I've never seen one of these before but as soon as I saw it I loved it. This should get every last squeeze of toothpaste out of the tube whilst looking super cute at the same time.

Onto the sweeties. Maoms are one of my favourite sweets as they are delicious. I love the red and white strip candy cane and lollipop too as they add the festive touch.
In the red packet are panda cookies. Which I've not yet eaten and I'm not sure why (Goes off to munch the biscuits!)

Here's what stationery goodies I received:

Look at the adorable Bourbon-like biscuit pen. I like how it's got the little chain attached so I can pop it onto my keys or pass for work.

The 'My Weekly Schedule' will be great to keep me organised as I'm a very visual person. You can add notes on this to see your week at a view and use it as a to-do list or for events or blog posts.

The cast postcard is beautiful and I may just use that as a picture for decoration.

I love Rilakumma and post it notes always come in handy. Look at him sunning himself on his deckchair whilst I've got the heating on and fluffy socks.

A pair of happy and sad pandas. These are cute with their large eyes. Why is the panda sad though?

These fruity stickers have to be my favourite in the whole of the goody bag. Fruits with little faces that are puffy. Love, love, love them. I need to decorate something with these like a craft box!

Finally I received this little notepaper to write on.

I love bits and pieces like this. I'm super happy with the Christmas lucky bag that Shell from Kawaii Wonderland put together :)

Love Laura xoxo

*Nothing to disclose.

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