Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Lisa Jane Designs Ltd - Mermaid Sea Bracelets

I love discovering new shops and items, especially when I find things that I adore. 
These picks that I found are from an up and coming business woman named Lisa Jane Designs Ltd. Her website will be launching in early Spring 2015 but I thought I would show you my favourite pick of bracelets before they are launched.  Each piece is made to order or as a bespoke piece.

These remind me of Mermaids which I absolutely love. They have an ethereal sea quality about them and are all hand made with semi - precious stones, hand painted ceramic or glass beads finished with silver or gold plated findings. 
As with Art pieces everyone interprets them differently and you make look at these pieces and think that they mean something personal to you which is what makes bespoke pieces special. I'm not sure on prices as they are not quite ready for the public yet but they have inspired me to get crafty and maybe make a scrapbook of sea art and Mermaids.

I love owning quirky pieces that appeal to my Fairytale and mystical nature

I love the sea green and blue beads on this one with the added mix of the diamante bead and silver-shell-like pieces too. 

Lots of sea blue semi precious stones have been used on this one with a mix of sea shell like  beads.

These are not necessarily colours that I choose to opt for but there is something about them being used together that intrigues me. It's like chameleon paint that is eye-catching.

Finally, my favourite pick. Again this reminds me of a Mermaid but also of a fairytale princess. The pink and golds together look stunning and it looks exceptional quality.

Do you like these pieces? Have you seen any other Mermaid-like jewellery pieces?

Love Laura xoxo
* Nothing to disclose :)