Monday, 8 December 2014

Mini F&F at Tesco Haul

Hello , Hello!

I've not bought anything from F&F at Tesco before so I took a little peek as I really needed some essentials. In supermarkets there are some great bargains to be found along with great quality items and I ordered some of my favourite finds online. 

I spotted these My Little Pony pyjamas and loved the design. I really needed some new pjyamas as onesies are not good to sleep in. You wake up boiling hot like you're in the desert or something. These were £15 but are now £10 in the sale.  don't like when you see items you bought have been reduced! I love how adorable these are. I'm still a child at heart so these are just me.

I always have to wear a hat in cold weather or else I get really bad earache. I love cute hats, especially with pom poms on so I bought this one in grey as it will go with everything. I have quite a lot of cute hats now but I can't resist them. They have this is a black version too and I almost got both of them.

I almost didn't buy this neon pink jumper as it said it was cropped and I prefer longer ones. However I have worn it and it fits perfectly, is the most amazing pink colour and is lovely and fluffy. I'm so pleased with this. It would look beautiful with a gem statement necklace too.

I bought these ballerina slippers as they were only £3 and all my slippers are stolen by my dogs who run off with them so I desperately  needed some more to keep my toes warm. They are really warm and quite sturdy too. My puppies bite the flowers on the front though. I can't have anything!

I have a new pastel blue furry coat and when I spotted this faux fur cossack hat I loved it. I love the colour and I haven't got another one like it.

Finally I got three packets of black socks which are really essential to me. Only two packs are shown as one of my dogs ran off with the other one. What happens to socks? I desperately needed some for work and when I rummaged through my jam packed sock drawer I found odd ones and bright colours which would not go with my black work uniform.

Have you shopped at Florence & Fred before?

Love Laura xoxo