Saturday, 8 November 2014

Pink Tease Pastel Mini Nail Polishes Review - Candy Nails

A while ago on Twitter I won a £10 voucher to spend with Make Up Rumours. I managed to buy all of the above make up and put around a pound towards it myself. I'd not heard of the brand Pink Tease before and I like discovering if there any any hidden treasures.

Today I am reviewing the Pastel Mini Nail Polish set which costs a tiny £1.50. Winter pastels are what I'm all about so here I am on a cold November's day bringing you a bit of colour.

You get all of the above six shades in a plastic container which I've thrown away as it wasn't substantial. The nail polish bottles are miniature but I'd say you'd get maybe at least eight separate wears out of each bottle. I gave the bottles a good shake buy you can still see separation and white which needs properly mixing in. The logo isn't printed in great quality on the bottles either as I can see some missing parts on letters already.

I decided to wear all six shades on my nails at once and I like the look of the finished result. 
The polish was easy to apply but needed a decent amount of polish on the brush so I kept on having to dip it back in the pot. 
With one coat, the polish was uneven and streaky so I left a decent amount of drying time and then added a further coat. The lemon shade was the most transparent of the collection and even with a second coat you can see my nail underneath still. I also noticed that the polishes smelt strong too which I didn't like.

The polishes aren't given shade names which is a shame as you are then left to your own imagination to try and describe them. The polish looks glossy and I love the blue and pink shades but sadly they chipped very quickly on me. I didn't use a topcoat however so if you like the look of these polishes then you can always see if they last longer with one.

What I love about them:
I love the pastel pink and blue shades.
I love the affordability of them.
They look really glossy.

What I don't love:
The logos on the bottles aren't great quality.
The polishes have a strong smell to them.
They don't have shade names.
The yellow is far too transparent.
They don't have good longevity.

Have you tried Pink Tease before?

Love Laura xoxo

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