Friday, 14 November 2014

Pink Tease- Dazzle and Afterdark Eye Shadows Review

Hi everyone and happy Friday.

The weather is terrible today, I'm so glad that I have the day off. I'm snuggled up whilst listening to the rain outside. Bliss!

So today I have a review on the Pink Tease eye shadow palettes which I previously showed in my mini haul. The palettes that I chose are the Afterdark Shade 2 which are the purple shades and the Dazzle shade 1 which are the bronzes and browns. 

The palettes are not the greatest quality and are made of cheap plastic. Inside the Afterdark quad you get a slim mirror for application on the go and in both you get an applicator which is one of those cheap ones that isn't great at applying so I would recommend using a quality eye shadow brush.
Both of the palettes cost a tiny £1 each which is brilliant if they are any good.

 I chose these particular palettes as purples are great for green eyes and I have a little green at the centre of my eyes and bronzes are excellent at enhancing blue eyes.

                                                 So let's talk about the performance.

This is the Dazzle palette and I was really impressed with this one. The bronze shades were pigmented and smooth, especially the middle shade here. Look how beautiful it is. Reminds me of a bronzed goddess shade. The white wasn't pigmented at all and barely showed up. All of the shades are swatched without a primer being used which is really impressive.

The Afterdark palette wasn't as impressive as the colours were no where near as pigmented (apart from the darkest shade.) The colours hardly showed up when swatched so I wouldn't recommend this one. The palette also  had a lot of fall out when trying to apply. 

Here I am wearing the Dazzle shades and the darkest one underneath as eyeliner.

What I love:
How pigmented the bronze shades are.
The tiny price of £1 each.
That they are not tested on animals.

What I don't love:
The strong smell of talc.
The cheap plastic palettes.
The poor pigmentation of the purple palette.
The amount of fall out from the powders.

Love Laura xoxo