Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Pick Of Stocking Fillers for £1 or less

Traditional Wooden Knitting Doll with wool //  Christmas Pudding for dogs //  Magnetic Shopping pad and pen set // Family Guy socks //
Ladies Glitter Scarf //  Baking Calendar // Insulated Travel Mug // Luxury Design Notebook 
Despicable Me 2 Calendar // Mrs Brown's Boys Calendar // Disney Frozen Shopper Bag //  Jane Asher Edible Pink Glitter
Jane Asher Pastel Icing //  Shell Pink Oversized Scrunchie // Barry M Bright Fuchsia Nail Polish  //
Peg Fairy Kit 

Hi everyone.

I love Christmas so much and with a huge family, I start buying early as I have a lot of people to buy for. I love finding bargains and today I've compiled stocking fillers which are either £1 or less. There are some great pieces of treasure to find which are great quality and I'd be very happy to buy or receive these items. When looking for bargains I tend to look in Pound shops, Home Bargains, B&M, supermarkets such as Asda and online sales in River Island, New Look, ASOS, Topshop and Ebay.

The Knitting doll is really cute. I would buy this for either my grandma or best friend who love creating items with wool.
I chose the Christmas Pudding and the dog toys as I have two puppies and always include them at Christmas time. My cats play with string or magazines so I get them their favourite treats which are Dreamies. You can get pet stocking from the Pound Land too which I've bought in the past with treats and a toy inside.
The calendars are an absolute bargain. I love Mrs Brown's boys and so does my fiance and grandma and grandad so I would buy two of these. With the baking one I know a few people who would love one of these. Another friend of mine loves Minions so I need to buy this one for her.
The baking items are fabulous. Pink edible glitter? Oh my . I need this right now along with the pastel icing tubes and the cupcake kit. 
The pink scrunchie is from the sale at New Look and the Barry M polish is an absolute bargain in the sale at River Island.
The notebooks look gorgeous and the magnetic shopping pad would come in handy for people too.
Frozen is all the rage at the moment and this shopper bag is only £1.
How adorable are the little fairy pegs? I love fairies and would have loved this kit when I was younger. In fact I probably still would now.
In the cold winter time a flask would be perfect for on the go and this sparkly scarf would add a little warmth and dress and outfit up too.
My fiance would love these Family Guy socks in his stocking I'm sure.

Diamond Pencil // Christmas Dog Toys //  Jane Asher Cupcake Kit
Putty // Fortune Teller Fish // Hello Kitty Jelly Belly Beans // Birdy Tissues //  Ice Cream Bubbles

I love crystals and these would sparkle every time you write or draw with them.
I think it's good to add fun to items in a stocking so that's why I chose the slime in a tub. I love squidging slime as it feels so good. I used to adore Fortune Telling Fish and they used to appear in Christmas crackers. I like how you lay them on your hand and depending on the movement of the fish, the little information paper tells you what you're feeling. 
I love this ice cream purely for the decoration but it's a bubble blower too. 
Jelly Belly's are delicious and these ones are paired with Hello Kitty so that's a real winner!
Finally a pack of decorative tissues which will be handy to keep in handbags.

All of these items would add up to less than £24 which I think is brilliant. I actually need to buy some now!

Which are you favourite? Do you buy stocking fillers?

Love Laura xoxo