Thursday, 5 June 2014

Beauty Works - Flower braid

Happy Thursday everyone! 

I adore headbands, braids and the whole hippy vibe so when I received this flower braid from Beauty Works, I wore it straight away for cocktails at the weekend. I sent a photo over e-mail of my hair colour in natural daylight and they coloured matched for me so it was perfect. 

Beauty Works sell such a wide range of hair extensions and accessories on their website and going by the flower braid they will all be great quality.
I love the flowers on it as it gives the festival feel too and adds a cute touch to the braid.

The braid is attached to elastic at the bottom and it was so easy to wear in my hair. Once in place, it was so comfortable and lasted all night without me having to adjust it. As the elastic is at the bottom too, the rest of my hair covered it as it was underneath so it wasn't at all noticeable.

Overall it's a gorgeous hairband and one that I will be wearing with many outfits. It's also on sale at the moment too so that's perfect timing for the Summer season arriving shortly too.

Love Laura xoxo