Thursday, 12 June 2014

Beanies- Delicious Flavours - Coffee Review

Hi everyone. 

Today has been so beautiful outside. I love fresh air blowing into the house!
I was contacted recently by a company named Beanies who have been making coffee since 2009 and asked if I would like to choose four of their instant coffee flavours to review. I love flavoured coffee so I gladly accepted and then I ummedd and arrrreddd over which flavours to choose as they all sounded delicious.

The mouth-watering flavours to choose from were Amaretto Almond, Caramel, Chocolate orange, Christmas Pudding, Cinnamon & Hazelnut, Double Chocolate, French Vanilla, Gingerbread, Irish Cream, Mulled Spice, Rich Hazelnut or Winter Warmer. 

I decided to go with *French Vanilla as I love the vanilla scent as it reminds me of cakes, *Cinnamon & Hazelnut as I love both of those, especially cinnamon, *Amaretto Almond and *Caramel as it reminds me of caramel lattes I have when I meet up with my friend Lucy.

Beanie's are available in Sainsbury's stores UK or you can buy online here. They also sell Yogart too which is a yoghurt kit that you make yourself at home. They also sell ground coffee too if you prefer your coffee to be fresh.

I like the name of the comapny 'Beanies' as you can tell what products they are selling especially with the coffee bean symbol on the jars too. Each flavour is easy to spot too as they have a different coloured label on for ease. The instant coffee is low in calories and has been made with the added flavours so that you can drink it without the need for sweetening it further or reduce the amount of sweetness that you add.

Upon opening the coffee jars you are met with a delicious aroma of the scents with my favourite being the 'Amaretto Almond' as it reminds me of those sweet almond cakes that are available. The coffee is super easy to make as all you do is add one heaped teaspoon of your chosen coffee flavouring and pour over your hot water and stir. I always have milk in my coffee and usually a sugar too. The flavourings do make the coffee sweeter but I still needed to add half a sugar to mine. I drink a cup of tea without sugar now and have done for a good few years but coffee is a little too bitter to have on it's own for me.

Upon my first try I only added a teaspoonful instead of a heaped one and found that my coffee was a little too watery. This was easily solvable as next time I just added more coffee. The coffees smell amazing and tastes great too. They are not overly sweet and still retain that coffee taste whereas in the past when I've chosen a cinnamon coffee, the coffee shop has used syrups and this makes it deliciously sweet just as I like it. 

With the caramel one, my fiance doesn't like coffee at all but the scent and sound of it lured him in and as he tasted it he stated that he wants to try more. 

So if you love coffee and are after a subtle flavouring but still want the great taste of coffee then these are the ones for you.

Love Laura xoxo

*PR items kindly sent for my honest review.

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