Monday, 19 January 2015

Peach Perfection Crochet Collar Review : Lavenderskys

Happy Monday everyone!

Today is supposedly blue Monday where it's the most depressing day of the year. The sun has been shining here and I have been out on a long walk with my pups so there's been nothing blue about that.

Today I have a review for you on this beautiful, vintage crochet collar. I received this as a gift for Christmas off my best friend who owns the business Lavenderskys and has been established since 2014. The collars retail for £6.50 + pp. Lavenderskys makes a wide range of products and my favourites are her buntings and the gorgeous pom poms!

First of all, I absolutely adore the peach colour as I love pastels and it will co-ordinate with a wide range of clothing in my wardrobe.

The collar has been expertly made and is finished off beautifully with a metallic round flat button.
It opens up so that you can fasten it into position over your chosen attire.

I started off by going through my wardrobe and choosing similar shades to pair my collar with. (It would also work beautifully with varying pastel shades but today I was in a peachy mood.) The beauty of buying a new accessory is that you can revamp older items in your wardrobe and gain a completely new look. I found that it really freshened up the clothes that I already had.

I predominantly chose shirts for pairing the collar as when I looked at the piece I thought of warm Spring sunshine but I'm also going to wear it with dresses and jumpers too.
I love the frilly edge that this collar gives to the shirt.

I think that this one goes really well with the collar as the vertical panel is a similar shade and the addition of the collar makes it look vintagey. 

Here I've paired the peach with coral and think it works really well.

I chose a paler/ nude coloured top here so that strongest colour came from the collar.

Look how beautiful it is! (Goes off to buy a selection in mint green, baby blue, lilac and pastel pink!)

Thanks again Kelly.

Love from Laura xoxo