Friday, 9 January 2015

New Look Novelty Clutch Bags Haul

New Look have knocked it out of the park with their selection of novelty, quirky clutch bags. I first spotted the Doughnut Clutch in a magazine and wanted it on the spot. It looks good enough to eat and appeals to my personality. I left it too long though and never ended up going to a New Look store so I presumed they had sold out of them. Then around December time I saw New Look's promotion of the Chocolate Coin Clutch and I wanted this one too. It reminds me so much of the chocolate coins that you get at Christmas adds a different edge with the bite taken out of it. 

It was after browsing the sales that I spotted the Strawberry Milkshake Sundae and the Chocolate bar clutch too all on sale for £5 each that I knew that I needed them all. They were originally £12.99 and so for £5 I snapped them up. After searching for them now they have been further reduced to an amazing £2 each!

I have also spotted the Pink Queen of Popcorn Clutch and the Champagne Bottle Clutch too so I may just have to make a cheeky Birthday purchase for myself ready for February time.

The bags are of excellent quality and I like that it has the little wrist strap to keep it safe on a night out. I've worn this twice over the festive period and because of the gold shade, I found that it goes with many items in my wardrobe. I'm a minimalist on a night out so this bag is perfect for me. It doesn't hold much apart from your keys, money/card and a lip gloss so if you carry more than this then it wouldn't really be ideal.

This was the original bag that stole my heart. I love the pink design and the sprinkles and this is completely my personality. This would be fab in the Summer time with a pastel play suit and sandals.

This is the largest clutch out of them all. It really reminds me of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which I love. This one fits the most items in comfortably.

Finally my Strawberry Milkshake clutch. It reminds me of American Diners which I love so I knew I had to add this to my online basket. 

I think I have a thing for quirky bags!

Do you have any quirky bags? Do you know where they sell similar designs?

Love Laura xoxo

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