Saturday, 17 January 2015

A Discovery Of Amazing Shakes From Mr. Sherick's : Review

Upon laying my eyes on Mr Sherick's shakes I just knew that they were going to be something special. Do you ever get that feeling? Well I certainly wasn't wrong. I was over the moon to win a selection from a competition that the lovely people were running through their Twitter page and couldn't wait to try them.... nearly all at once it seems. 

I adore anything to do with shakes, diners and parlours and would love to actually work in one sampling, designing and creating a pastel parlour full of cupcakes and shakes.

What the company says:

"Mr Sherick, Making Milkshake Magic.........
Mr Sherick and his chefs have spent many hours in their wondrous kitchens, crafting a range of tempting, luscious luxury treats with something special and unexpected- designed to make your taste buds tingle!
Each bottle is crammed full of fresh British milk, mixed with the finest ethically sourced ingredients, made extraordinary with exciting bursts of flavour and texture.
With a huge amount of passion and a little bit of magic, Mr Sherick is creating heaven in a bottle."

I absolutely love the use of alliteration and the description of the metaphor for these shakes. Their website is fabulous too how the ingredients are cascading down. Check it out here.

The milkshakes aarrivedincredibly fresh in a branded cool bag with gel icing pack to keep them cold. I needed to pop them straight into the fridge to maintain the coolness of them and ensure that the products didn't turn sour with the heat. 

I received one of each flavour to try and got my pink stripy straws and Kilner jars out ready to make the experience even more indulgent. I only managed this with one shake though as the rest were drunk straight from the bottle as I couldn't wait! 

From left to right there is:

Strawberry Pavlova
"Indulgent milkshake blended with natural strawberry juice and pulp to deliver a genuine strawberry flavour. With meringue pieces throughout it's a little bit of summer luxury in a bottle."

This has a luxurious, creamy texture and a genuine strawberry taste. The meringue pieces are soft but add depth and even though it seems to be a small bottle, they surprising fill you up.

A Hint Of Mint
"Rich decadent chocolate milkshake made with real cocoa mass... only this time with soft mint chocolate chips throughout. A luxury mint sensation. It's mintalicious!"

The mint adds a perfect hit and breaks up the chocolate. They have got just the right amount and the chocolate is of exceptional quality.

Pot Au Choc
"Rich decadent chocolate milkshake made with real cocoa mass and soft Belgian chocolate chips throughout. It's total chocolate heaven."

This milkshake had the thickest texture and was the most filling. Again the Belgian chocolate and ingredients used are the best.

Cookies & Cream
"Creamy vanilla milkshake brimming with gorgeous cookie pieces and Belgian chocolate chips. Indulgence that takes the biscuit!"

If  had to choose just one to be my favourite then Cookies and Cream would win. It was expertly creamy  with just the right amount of soft cookie pieces. The blend of the vanilla and cookie was outstandingly scrumptious.

Softly Banoffee
"Lush banana milkshake mixed with a luxury toffee sauce and soft toffee pieces. Sweet mellow yellow delight!"

I loved the addition of the toffee sauce and pieces in this banana milshake as it gave it another dimension. It was absolutely delicious and moreish and I would definitely buy this even though banana milkshake was not one of my favourites beforehand.

So where can you buy these amazing milkshakes? 

Well they are available in Booths' , Waitrose, London food halls (Harrod's, Selfridge's and Partridge's) 
I would love to see them available to buy online too so that they are even more accessible.

These are the best milkshakes I have ever tasted in my life and if I was to see these on a shelf I would buy them without hesitation. They are divine. Don't let the small bottles fool you as they fill you up and have exceptional ingredients contained inside that make the bottle last longer than a watery thinner counterpart.

Oh Mr Sherick's how I love you! (Goes off to dream of the shakes that have all been consumed!)

Love Laura xoxo