Friday, 1 August 2014

Vanilla Nail Polish Remover Pads By NPR - Review

Happy Friday everyone :)

Today I have a nail polish remover review for you. I saw this NPW Nail Polish Remover in the scent of vanilla in the River Island sale at Christmas time and I was attracted to it because of the bright packaging and the thought of the scent just sold it to me. I think it was £1 in the sale and regularly £2. 
Nail polish doesn't last very long on my nails before it starts to chip so nail polish remover is a must for me. I really don't like the chipped nail look as it makes me feel really untidy. 

I searched for NPR and the website came up with a whole host of goodies that I now want! I really want to try out the heart nail wheel that they have and the neon nail polish too. They even have scratch and sniff nail wraps. Anything cute and quirky and I need it in my life.

The cute little tub contains 30 nail wipes so they will, in effect, last for 30 uses if you use the recommended 1 wipe at a time. They are also alcohol and acetone free which is great. The tub is really small so it is great for travelling with as it won't take up much space at all.

Clear instructions are displayed on the bottom of the packaging on the label.

Here I have showed you my nails on purpose so that you can see how chipped they are before I use the nail remover wipe.

The wipes are thin so make sure that you don't pick out more than one by accident. You can smell the scent of sweetness if you smell the pot but it is more evident after you start wiping your nails. The vanilla scent stays on your nails.

Here is what the wipe looks like after taking off one of the Barry M Aquarium collection. I have previously used the wipes on a reddy coloured polish and it took two wipes to remove so the darker the colour, the more severe it looks on the wipe.

Here is the finished result which I'm really pleased with. The wipe was really gentle and removed the nail polish quite easily. A few areas needed going over again but I'm impressed that one little wipe did the whole set of nails this time.

Would I repurchase? Yes I would as they are really useful to have, I like the scent and the performance that they have. I would be more inclined to repurchase if they were at the £1 mark. 

Love Laura xoxo