Monday, 4 August 2014

Denman Pink Tangle Smoother Review

I have been trying out the new Denman Pink Tangle Smoother recently and can now give you my thoughts and review on it. It is made to be used on all hair lengths and types and also extensions and wigs due to the pins being strong, durable and super smooth. The brush has been designed to give an effortless and smooth detangling experience.
The Smoother has a close-set pin patterns and this gives more control and an extra grip. 
The brush is also available in a bright yellow colour too here and is priced at £10.18. Neon was widely used on the SS14 catwalks and therefore this Smoother coincides with the latest fashion.

 Compared to my other Tangle Tamers this brush is much more substantial. It's feels solid with a longer handle to grip and is weightier than the Dolphin brush. 
I love the bright pink colour of the brush as it really stands out and is perfect for my personality. I love the design work on it too with the lush flowing locks. The brush overall looks and feels exceptional quality.

The Denman Tangle Smoother is perfect for smoothing, de-tangling and styling your hair. I noticed a huge difference in my hair after using this Tangle Smoother. My hair felt a lot smoother to the touch especially once it had air dried after my shower. The Tangle Smoother is meant for all hair types and lengths but I think it would be perfect for long, thick hair as it has the extra oomph when getting knots out. For my particular hair type being wavy/ curly it pulls on the hair when you are trying to untangle it in the shower and I have got used to the children's Dolphin Tangle Tamer with the much softer bristles for untangling my waves. Using  the Tangle Smoother felt as though there were many knots that it was taking out at once and it took a stronger grip to brush through my hair. This is why you are meant to brush through a section at a time and gently hold you hair above the tangle and then carefully untangle.

You can see that the pins on the brush are all the same size and are strong.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this Tangle Smoother if you're looking for an excellent quality brush which will last. The pins are super smooth but on my particular hair I feel more comfortable using my Dolphin one regularly in the shower and this one when my hair is dried and ready to style.

What do you use to detangle your hair?
Love Laura xoxo

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