Friday, 26 September 2014

Kawaii Box Subscription- August

Hello everyone! 

Apologies for the huge gap in posting. We moved house again and it has taken weeks and weeks for Sky and BT to get the Internet sorted out. Sob! I have missed blogging so much and have lots of reviews ready to publish. 
In other news I trained for a new job in retail this time and started working full time at first with it. It's exciting to use the money to buy homely items such as duvet covers, solar lights for the garden and coral coloured towels! I also got to meet lots of lovely new people which is great as moving to Edinburgh from England and leaving my family and friends meant that I didn't know many people at all. 
Also we have a new addition to the family. Teddy Bear who is twelve weeks old and is a fawn whippet. We chose him as he seemed sweet and cuddly and once he had settled in we found out he has a huge personality!

So today I thought I would show you an exciting new subscription box that I subscribed to which is the Kawaii Box . I adore all things Kawaii and so this box was right up my street. The boxes are released every month and I also have the September issue to show you soon too. To subscribe it costs $18.90 a month which roughly works out as £11 odd. The boxes are shipped all the way from Japan and they ship worldwide which is fab. Inside the boxes are a mixture of Japanese and Korean Kawaii products.
 I was so excited to open my Kawaii Box and uncover all of the goodies inside. It brought back the magic for a surprise for me as with my makeup boxes some had become a little disappointing so a change was needed. When I laid my eyes on this box, I had to get it.

In the box is this uber-girly postcard sized flyer. I love the design of this.

This is a great little touch to have a hand written postcard note with the box.

The contents arrived inside a small white box and once opened this was my first sighting. The goodies are encased in pink tissue paper and I was so excited already.

These are the entire contents of the box and as you can see you get quite a lot for the subscription fee.

First up are these nail art stickers. I love nail art and the neon colours too so these are a fab addition to the box. They advise to add two coats top coat to keep the stickers on.

Next up is a sweetie kit. I've always wanted one of these to try out and make my own sweets. This one enables you to create a marble of colours and flavours to experiment with too. I find anything like this fun and cute.

The back of the packet shows the cutters that you get inside the pack and the mixing tray for all of the colours that can be produced once mixed.

I love this little watermelon zip purse. This is bang on trend and I love fruity items. It's large enough to fit a few cards and coins inside.

Aloha Rilakkuma post it notes are so sweet and will come in very useful. I love the design of them and tend to collect them rather than actually use them so my aim is to get use out of these!

How sweet is this pencil and eraser set with Hello Okitoki written on them. It contains three pencils, three erasers and a pencil sharpener. This will make writing fun!

I love real life macarons and this is a close substitute for looking at if I can't get hold of the real ones. This is a charm which I think is meant to be attached to your phone. I'd rather have it on a pencil case or keys though. I love the little crystals on the side. I personally would have preferred a different colour such as a pastel shade as that is more me.

Another little charm in the form of a love panda which is super soft and my puppy loves it!

Next is this sweet cards and writing sheets set which has little positive quotes on them.

Kumamon key chain charm. This is tiny which makes it adorable. It has a zip on the reverse which will fit something small in such as a pound coin or a pair of earrings.

I love cupcakes and this ring is gorgeous. It has an adjustable base but the only thing is it's absolutely tiny. My little finger is so tiny and it just about fits on there.

I love the colour of this giraffe charm but it does have a mark on the reverse. 

I absolutely love the box so much but I feel that this version has too many keychain charms inside it. 
My favourite items are the watermelon purse, stationery set and the candy kit. I feel that it is great value for money and has added the element of surprise each month when I receive a box.
I would purchase again and have already received the September box which I'm equally as thrilled about.

What do you think of this box?

Love Laura xoxo

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