About me

Hello I'm Laura Jane. Welcome to my colourful world!
Rayofglitter was created to share my interests, loves, reviews and snippets of my life. I wanted to record what was happening in my life and use the products that I have in order to enjoy them. I love memories and with this it is stored all in one place.

I love writing and I am open, honest and friendly and my style of writing is exactly who I am.

I love happiness, mermaids, unicorns, magic, glitter, pink, animals, cocktails, cupcakes, retroness, American diners, ice-cream parlours, Disneyland, fairies, shopping, make-up, clothes, shoes, sweeties, sparkles, gems, holographicness,  films and music.

I love trying out new make up , eating afternoon teas, shopping, watching films and quirky cute items. I love discovering new brands and treasures but also love to show my trusted favourites.

You can expect reviews on products, clothing, photographs , wishlists and things that I see that I love.

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